The Call of the Drums


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a special photografic technique to achive a higher resolution of light contrast. Due to the limited ability of digital sensors to capture the contrast occurring in nature, by using a minimum of two different exposures of the same image and merging these images with a special program you can achieve different effects from very enhanced details to a more natural lighting...

Some images appear almost as painted...

Since the programs allow to tweak many different values, you can achieve a big variety of effects...

Austria - Bregenz - Bodensee - Sunset 02 IMG_6045-49.jpg
Austria - Bregenz - Bodensee - Sunset
Austria - Grass Haus 01 IMG_6002_3_4.jpg
Austria - Grass Haus
Denmark - Risk - Cup still on garden table IMG_6483_1_2.jpg
Denmark - Risk - Cup still on garden table
Flight - Stockholm-Berlin DSCF3326_4_5.jpg
Flight - Stockholm - Berlin - Wing over the clouds
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