The Call of the Drums

 Rishi Sigurd Vlote - Healing Sounds I

Healing Sound Massage (HSM) is based on ancient practices which are becoming very popular


again in our days. The origins are dating back thousands of years to Tibet, Nepal and China, and uses sound frequencies of particular instruments to bring body, mind and spirit back into alignment.

Vibration, resonance, relaxation and harmony are the key terms of a Healing Sound Massage session, providing you with soft, delicate sounds that help you to calm down, relax and regain a state of wholeness and clarity.

Sound-waves or -vibrations are applied directly on the body or in close proximity, using specially designed instruments like sound bowls, gongs, bells, monochord, etc. which produce the complete sound spectrum of overtones and bring your whole system in resonance and harmony, creating a relaxed state of mind. balancing all the disharmony that accumulates in daily life, and help to preserve a healthy flow of energy.

Our whole universe is based on waves, vibrations, frequencies. When there is disharmony in a sensitive, delicate system like our human body, the system becomes weak and dysfunctional. The multi-layered vibrations of the overtone instruments are designed to harmonise and create a state of well-being through resonance, retuning our entire being through the treatment of body, mind and spirit, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony on all levels -
In other words:  
We feel "In Tune" 

 Rishi Sigurd Vlote - Healing Sounds I

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