The Call of the Drums

VeetSandeh, Atmo Ravi, Satyam Rishi - Sounds From Hell creek


Sounds from Hell creek is a beautiful project, that was realized during a series of "Satsang" meditations in the beautiful settings of the Bavarian Forest in a nature reserve called "Höllbachtal" (Hell creek valley).

The vincinity of this area is filled with the sounds of the creek, it's waters bubbling down into the valley along huge rocks and bolders, birds singing, insects humming ...

At the top of this reserve is situated an ancient big farmhouse which was beautifully renovated and trans-formed into a seminar house and the pearl of the place was a meditation room with huge windows facing a Zen garden and the beautiful surrounding nature!

In this delicate athmosphere we were meditating and creating music that was perfectly melting with that very special touch of silence and the sounds of nature.



  1. Kalimba

  2. Om Namo

  3. Shaku

  4. Prayer

  5. Oriental Trance

  6. Wate Tate Tu

  7. Little beech leeve Hugos journey through the Hell creek

 listen to samples on soundcloud:

the call of the drums | m.e.m (at)
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