The Call of the Drums



YESSS! We did it. After a lot of work and quite some extra hours in the studio - Rishi & Harshil proudly present:  ""Remember Your Freedom". almost 1h40 minutes of finest percussive shamanic TranceDance Music that supports you to travel and journey, dance and enjoy yourself moving your body and takes you to your inner resources and power! Here is link to the "Teaser" on and the link to listen and buy the complete album




I recorded many albums during my career with various of my bands and projects. Here you find a selection of albums that are still available. "Rishi & Harshil - Forget your Limitations" and "Shaman's Return" are available on CD and as digital downloads on and various other digital download portals.

Since we put a lot of effort, time and money into the productions, we kindly ask you to not copy our music. Thank you


- Rishi & Harshil - Forget Your Limitations

- Rishi & Harshil - Shaman's Return

- Rishi & Harshil - Remember Your Freedom  - NEW!

- Rishi - Tranceformation

- Rishi - Healing Sounds I

- HAMSAFAR - Lifeprints

- Veetsandeeh, AtmoRavi & Rishi - Sounds from Hellcreek

- Chin & Rish - Second Magic

 If you like to listen and /or buy any of my music online: here is a couple of links:


TranceFormation - Here you find various Live Music samples from our TranceDance Events


Rishi & Shakya - here is a link to a "mini" WAVE recording live at Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland, Nov. 2016

Rishi & Balla Nar - A very energetic sample from a Live TranceDance event in Milano


Rishi & Dhwani -   An excerpts from a live TranceDance event in Freiburg 2016

Excerpt 2 from the Freiburg TranceDance

A mix of a live TranceDance in Nürnberg 2015

Rishi & Harshil -   A Sample from a live TranceDance at Amarti, Montopoli, Italy

Rishi & Nirjano -  An excertpt from a live TranceDance in La Selva, Tuscany, Italy

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