The Call of the Drums

Rishi & Harshil

Since 12 years we work together and created 2 TranceDance CD's. We perform live music on numerous TranceDance events throughout Italy and Europe

We often collaborate also with other musicians and include assistants, depending on the size and budget of the event. Our extensive setup of various intruments from all over the world helps us to create a soundtrack for dancers to dive into...



TranceDance is an energizing ritual event; taking participants on an inner journey. We not only create the live music, but facilitate an environment that takes people into an altered trance-state, which helps to reconnect to inner strength, joy, power, wisdom and health.

A TranceDance event consists of various stages

- Introduction (explanation)

- Journey (Dance)

- Integration (lying down)

- Sharing Circle with Talking Stick ritual (optional)

 We can facilitate events up to 500 people.

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