The Call of the Drums

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Thank you again for your uplifting and joyful presentation and facilitation. Everyone of our staff was enchanted and motivated, it felt like a fresh wind had blown through our offices.

BPM Italy


Caro Rishi,

thank you again for the wonderful event and your charming presence. You really got everyone involved, even the critical ones. This was certainly a very powerful presentaition lot's of fun, too. This morning everyone in the company is still talking about their experience. I'm sure we will have you again



Lieber Rishi, ich möchte mich nochmals herzlich für das intensive Wochenende bedanken. Ich habe viel mehr Energie als vorher.. Tut gut.. Liebe Grüsse

Michèle from Switzerland


I just attended a drum play work shop with Aurthur Hull in first. I live in Cambridge, MA (moving from New Mexico). I have been moved and shaken to my core. I have been following links on the yahoo group and found your website. I LOVE your music!!!

Marie, USA


Hello, you magic Shaman. Thank you for warm greatings, it is right timing for something sunny When we create something we are living in the moment of now, and I was so lucky to experience this magic moment through music, rithm you where creating, the music when we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, but we are listening to the present. I am wishing you expanded present all next 2014 year. Hugs and greetings.

Laura, Lituania

lieber dhwani, lieber rishi

euch beiden ein ganz herzliches *D*A*N*K*E*
für diesen töne fliegenden abend und den darauf töne gleitenden morgen
als neuling in der trance dance szene hat mich am allermeisten das zusammenspiel von euch musikern zu uns tänzern fasziniert - das ist etwas was wir in unserer kultur hier ja fast gar nicht mehr haben - musik aus der anlage, und wenn sie noch so gut ist - kommt da einfach nicht ran - weil der tanzende mensch auf das reagiert, was er hört, aber die musik nicht auf ihn....

Conya, Nürnberg

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