The Call of the Drums


TRANCEFORMATION was my first solo album and it contains a mix of electronic and


acoustic compositions. I was inspired by various electronic artists from the 80's and 90's and used lot's of sampling, sounds of nature, effects and voices in this album, but also environment recordings from my travels...

My idea was to create a sound journey, a constant flow of sound and music throughout the whole CD. This music is what I call "movie music". I can always see movies in front of my inner eyes - a soundtrack for your inner movies

Most of the songs I recorded and played myself, but some songs feature great musicians like Prem Joshua, Veeresh, Manish de Moore, Shantiraj and others


I give away 100 free downloads of the song "I Just Miss You" feat. Veeresh, who passed away some time ago. Please send me a short mail with "I just Miss You" and I send you a download code for the song.



  1. Perfect HAL

  2. Marock'n Roll

  3. Temple of the King

  4. Sunset in Dakar

  5. The Lions Roar

  6. Grandmas Ride To Paradise

  7. Interspacebirds

  8. Somesing In The House

  9. In The Cirstern - Invocation

 10. I just miss you 

 11. Chillout at dawn

 12. In The Cistern - Tones And Drums

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