The Call of the Drums
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View from behind me BUTIBA 2022
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Fire sculpture BUTIBA 2022
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Final Circle BUTIBA 2022
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Opening Ceremony BUTIBA 2022
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Kristaps Motherdrum - The biggest boooom you can imagine
With Milarepa & The One Sky Band in Miasto, Tuscany, Italy
2012 Czech Republic - Prayers and preparing the offerings at shamanic workshop
2012 - Czech Republic - Dhwani's haunting flute
2012 Czech Republic - Prayer offerings
IMG_2198_Rish w Framedrum cutout_edit.JPG
Rishi on Framedrum during meditation in Osho Miasto
With Milarepa & The One Sky Band in Baden Baden, Germany
Setup during our workshop in Czech
DSCF3612 Lazanky - Rishi & Dhwani am Feuer .jpg
Lazanky, Czech Republic - Rishi & Dhwani during the fire ceremony
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With Milarepas band in Sedona, Colorada, USA
Ravi, Rishi & Maneesh - Leela Festival opening.jpg
Ravi, Rishi & Maneesh - Festival at Leela Center, UK
Zdenek and Rishi in Padmafarma.jpg
2014 - Czech Republic - Zdenek and Rishi in Padmafarma.jpg
Rishis Healing Sound Setup DSCF9015_6_7 1 cut edit.jpg
2015 Osho Tao, Milan, Italy - Healing Sound Evening
Dhwani and Rishi TranceDance in Nürnberg
2015-01-28 Balla Nar and me in Macchinazione Teatrali, Milano 2_cut.jpg
2015-01-28 Balla Nar and me in Macchinazione Teatrali, Milano, Italy
2015-01-28 Balla Nar and me in Macchinazione Teatrali, Milano 3_cut.jpg
2015-01-28 Balla Nar and me in Macchinazione Teatrali, Milano, Italy
2015 Roma - Rishi & Dinraj 01.jpg
2015 Roma, Italy - TranceDance with Rishi & Dinraj
Abode - The band 01.jpg
2015 Upstate New York, Meditation Camp - The band
2015 Upstate New York - Heart Dance event
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2015 Wisconsin - Meditation Camp - Lake Delevan
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2015 Wisconsin - Milarepa, Amlas and Rishi
From Shakti 18.jpg
2015 Wisconsin - the band in full swing
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Two of my favorite co-musicians/creators: Kristaps Krolls and Francesco Marani
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The "Elements" concert at BUTIBA 2022 was an incredible celebration of music, dance and joy
IMG_20220730_201643_Größe ändern.jpg
UHURU 2022: This festival in Switzerland is another favorite of mine, with a unique format
IMG_20220804_220459_Größe ändern.jpg
UHURU 2022: We were giving a "send off" to David, who was responsible for the artists during the festival
IMG_20220803_173449_Größe ändern.jpg
UHURU 2022: I was facilitating a 5-day TranceDance course and that day we made masks of completion
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UHURU 2022: I played with Michi for the first, but certainly not for the last time!
IMG_20220801_195610_Größe ändern.jpg
UHURU 2022: Luzia and I facilitated the Cacao ceremony and TranceDance ritual
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