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Healing Sound Bath & -Massage

Healing Sound Bath

During a Healing Sound Bath you typically lay down or sit in a meditative position and receive the sounds of particular instruments like Tibetan Sound Bowls, Gongs, Monochord, Swarmandal, Mouth Harp, Overtone Singing and others in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

The quality of the sounds of these instruments are special. They produce frequencies beyond those, which we can "hear" with our ears. Many of the higher frequencies are in resonance with our cells and work on particular fields of our subtle bodies.

Most people experience the sounds of these instruments as deeply relaxing and balancing. While listening, often healing processes are triggered and people are easiliy taken into states of trance.




Healing Sound Massage

Vibration, Resonance and Harmony are the key terms of the Healing Sound Massage (HSM) session. We hear sounds not only through our ears - we "perceive" sound waves through the whole body and even the subtle layers of our cells and DNA. The lower frequencies are sensed through our skin and skeletton, the medium frequencies we hear through the ears, the higher frequencies we also sense through the skin, while the ultra high frequencies or overtones are sensed in our cells and our subtle body.
A Healing Sound Massage (HSM) is an all sense experience: Delicate scents of pure essences stimulate the nose. A cup of delicous tea relaxes your body. You lie down and receive. The music and vibrations of the instruments are soothing and pleasant. Different sounds and tones resonate with your whole system and provide an easy way to realign our cells and help to deeply relax the whole sympathetic system. Applying the vibratiions also directly to your body allows the sound waves of the instruments and voices to enter through the heart and take you into a healing state.

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We also offer workshops and concerts with healing sounds.

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