The Call of the Drums

Chin & Rishi - Second Magic


Second Magic was originally produced as a Chillout promotion project for fitness- and wellness studíos. I invited my friend Chintan into the project. Time was tight, but we did a great job and had a lot of fun - all turned out beautifully, but in the end, the record company went into a totally different direction and didn't care to finish the project. So I took a few more songs that were ready to go and and released it. 10 tracks from smooth to dance - this album has a mostly relaxed pace, promoting a mainly chilled athmosphere with a jazzy edge and some world music touches.  Besides there are also a few great dance tunes - my favorite tune is still "Sheylas Call" Ethno House with live percussion - Great tune to open any dancefloor...



  1. Road to Peshwara

  2. One World - One Song

  3. Sheylas Call

  4. Nils

  5. On her way to Mars

  6. Lazy Sunday Afternoon

  7. A Night in Madrid

  8. 5000 Miles

  9. Go Ahead

10. Time to move your body

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