The Call of the Drums

Rishi & Harshil - Shaman's Return

A shamanic experience meditation

Shamans Return is a 62 minute long meditation in five stages in an easy format for the daily practice. It's a great way to shake and dance off the stress and pressure of a nine to five (or even more?) workday.... The music is tribal and rhythmic, transporting. Dynamic drums, percussions and voices support the first two active stages... Then the shaman's drums take you onto their wings. Plus some soothing sounds of Sansula and monochord to get you back.



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The format is as follows:


1. Shaman's Breath    -  Breath of fire - Breathe in twice through the nose and once out through the mouth. Use your whole body to support the breathing. Drums and voices help you in the breathing phase to charge you with energy and oxygen.

2. Shaman's Dance    -  TranceDance - Trust your body, move to the music, connect with spirit. Use your intention to travel and to find answers and clarity. The TranceDance part starts delicate and slow and climbs higher and more intense every minute. Again many differen drums and percussion from all around the planet carry you through and voices and rattles inspire your spirit to travel far and deep

3. Shaman's Journey  -  Shamanic Journey - Lay down on your back, use the drums as your guide. The journey goes on. Your alliances are waiting to support you. The shaman's drums are the powerful vehicle for your journey. they carry and support your travelling...

4. Shaman's Stillness -  Be still - watch, nothing to do, just be, no more action and thoughts

5. Shaman's Walkabout    -  Come back - A song to bring you back into the HereNow. A soft delicate, yet moving song and voices take you back here. maybe inspire to get up again and softly move your body again. Welcome back

 This meditation is relaxing and can take you into deep healing spaces...

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