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Hamsafar - Lifeprints

HAMSAFAR was one of my favorite musical projects. An Ethno Fusion of east and west, north and south. Five highly skilled multi-instrumentalists created a beautiful mix of danceable, very rhythmic and melodic music with influences from Africa to Brasil, from India to North Amerika, from Australia to Russia... The mix of unusual ethnical instruments with contemporary sounds makes this album a delicious oeuvre for both dancing and listening.

This album is a gem and still one of my favorites. It's not in print any more but I still got a few items for sale...


  1. Lifeprints

  2. Samba do Crioulo Branco

  3. Inspector Singh

  4. La Magia

  5. Witches Dance

  6. Cardamom Sunset

  7. Oasis

   8. Rainbow River

                                                                                        9. Storm in the Teapot

                                                                                      10. Diamonds in the Sand

The band:

Prem Joshua: Bamboo Flute, Sitar, Saxophon, Swarmandal

Nadama Novak: Keyboards, Percussion

Chintan Schmidt-Relenberg: Bass, Tabla, Djembe, Percussion

Jo Shiro Shunyam Körber: Guitars, Vocals, Percussion

Rishi S. Vlote: Drums, Percussion, Samples, Recording and Mixing

special guests:

Rupesh: Congas on "Crioulo Branco"

Deepak Patekar: Vocals on "Inspector Singh"

Sarasa: Voice on "Oasis"

Udigama: Percussion on "Crioulo Branco"

The front cover is a piece of "Stoneart" done by Deva Manfredo


Listen and Buy: Hamsafar - Lifeprints

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